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Posted on September 28th, 2009

Consortium moving to MV Research Park

KETTERING - A nonprofit cancer research consortium, which has outgrown its current space next to Kettering Medical Center, will be the latest tenant at the Miami Valley Research Park.

Dayton Clinical Oncology Program has been at its current location, 3525 Southern Blvd., for 25 years, said Sidney Pinkus, the program's CEO and president. He said the consortium plans to move to the research park's Tech Center IV building, 3123 Research Blvd., by the end of December.

"We've been doubling up on office space for the last five or six years," said Pinkus.

The Clinical Oncology Program will occupy 6,900 square feet in the building's first-floor, according to Pinkus and Gregg Gorsuch, Kettering's director of economic development.

Pinkus said it will cost DCOP $235,000 to renovate the space they will lease for five years at the research park.

The consortium is designated a Community Clinical Oncology Program under the National Cancer Institute, which is giving DCOP more than $211,000 to help with its relocation, Pinkus said.

Kettering is also giving money to help with the move after receiving a request from DCOP. Gorsuch and Pinkus declined to disclose the exact amount, but Pinkus called the funding "generous."

"This action (financial assistance) will not have to go before city council in the form of a resolution, because the amount is below the financial amount that triggers council action," Gorsuch said.

Dave Eubank, the city's law director, said $25,000 would trigger council action. Pinkus said the city agreed to forfeit a portion of DCOP's payroll tax and give it back to DCOP.

Pinkus said DCOP will relocate its current 20 employees to the new space.

"We do cancer research for the NCI and for the pharmaceutical industry," Pinkus said.

The DCOP offers 107 clinical trials - gives access to experimental drugs in addition to standard treatment - for patients to enroll in.

The consortium's members include 15 area hospitals, 85 physicians and Wright State University, which owns the DCOP's current location, Pinkus said. Besides Dayton, the consortium serves the cities of Findlay, Greenville, Middletown, Troy, Wilmington, Xenia and Indianapolis and Richmond, Ind.

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